Coffee Talk: The Sneakiness of September

While the buzz in August is all about back to school, I’m here to tell you that September is even busier for this fam-bam. And it’s about time I verbalized that- for my own well-being. I’m not sure why no one talks about the sneakiness of September, but I’m here […]

Top 5 Reasons To Reach Out To An Optometrist

Numerous individuals opt to postpone their eye exams, particularly if they do not notice any massive changes in their vision. Little do they know, routine vision care is much more than updating your prescription and selecting a new pair of fashionable spectacles. A consultation with your optometrist could be life-changing, […]

MOLD TOXICITY: Symptoms & Solutions to Detox

Mold is a fungus that is known for its ability to grow on almost anything that has moisture, oxygen and organic materials. Mold thrives under many conditions, especially in warm, wet, humid environments. However, even dryer environments like Arizona are notorious for mold. Some molds reproduce by making mold spores […]