China’s COVID Wave Is Coming

In China, a dam seems on the verge of breaking. Following a wave of protests, the government has begun to relax some of its most stringent zero-COVID protocols, and regional authorities have trimmed back a slew of requirements for mass testing, quarantine, and isolation. The rollbacks are coming as a […]

Essential Guidelines to Care for the Bonded Teeth


Do you have dental concerns that hinder your perfect smile? Worry no more since cosmetic dentistry has got your back. In the modern days, there are various cosmetic procedures that you can lean on depending on your dental problems. For instance, if you have chipped teeth and discolouration, the Santa […]

Peer Support Interventions for Perinatal Depression

A peer support intervention is defined as “the provision of emotional assistance (e.g., attentive listening), appraisal assistance (communication of information that is pertinent to self-evaluation), and informational assistance (provision of knowledge relevant to problem-solving) by a created social network member who possesses experiential knowledge of a specific behavior or stressor […]

Best Practices for a Healthy Pregnancy


Optimizing your health during pregnancy or the pregnancy phase gives your baby the best start to life. There are a lot of lifestyle adjustments and dos and don’ts during pregnancy. Some may sound bizarre, such as “eating for two.” But maintaining a healthy pregnancy requires prenatal consultations with Dr. Pamela […]