May 30, 2024


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4 Top Lessons Drawn From the German Culture and Lifestyle.

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Cultural heritage, customs, and language are all intertwined. 

German is inextricably linked to its large corpus of literature, culture, continents, population groups, accents, and values.

Germany is regarded as Europe’s global superpower. It is a land of writers and philosophers.

Germany is well-known for its ethnic richness, excellent educational system, and medical services.

The nation is well-known for its malt, BMW, and Bach.

Germany is the most populated country in Europe, with a population of 81.5 million people.

The Rhine River is one of the nation’s most prominent features.

The nation is abundant in trees, beaches, rivers, and mountains, with its black forests serving as a significant tourism draw.

Berlin, Germany’s capital city, is well-known for its architecture, nightlife, and cuisine.

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Let us now delve deeper into German culture and identify some valuable lessons we can learn from it.

  1. Reading culture.

Whenever it comes to literacy, Germany is a world leader.

Every year, approximately 94 thousand new books are published by German publishers, and the International Frankfurt Book Fair, the world’s largest book festival, is held in Germany.

Many people are unaware that the first known novel, as well as the first known magazine, were both printed in German.

As per Allensbach Media Market Analysis, 44.6 percent of the German people reads a book at least once every week, and 58.3 percent purchase at least one book annually.

This says a lot about Germans and reading, and if anything, we should all want to follow this culture as well.

  1. Music.

You’ve most likely heard of the world’s most popular classical composers, such as Bach and Beethoven.

They marked the transformation of music from classical to romantic to western classical.

And, indeed, they were Germans who’ve been born in Germany and died there.

Other well-known German composers include Brahms, Schubert, Handel, Telemann, and Orff.

Now, Germany is home to a variety of music festivals ranging from techno to hip-hop as well as rock & roll.

The biggest music event in Germany, as well as one of the largest in the world, is the Rock am Ring festival, which attracts musicians and celebrities from all around the world.

If anything, we should embrace our music and culture in the same way as Germans do.

  1. Being active.

One of my favorite aspects of Dusseldorf – and Germany as a whole – is how active everybody is.

On a warm day, instead of crowds of sunbathers, everybody is doing something: biking, jogging, swimming, basketball, Frisbee – you name it.

And running isn’t just about the superfit; everybody here runs just to be active.

Germans aren’t really super active, but it seems that being active is a non-negotiable common occurrence in them.

People all around the world spend a lot of money on gym memberships, which is the norm. Sport is not a privilege in Germany; it is a must.

Take a hint from the Germans.

  1. Having fun.

Even though German people are notorious for being extremely bureaucratic, they still know how to party and live a happy life.

This point is best shown by the large number of people who attend carnivals and festivals.

Both types of activities occur at a festive time of year when entire cities throw extravagant parties and vibrant festivals.

Carnivals have such a long tradition of Catholicism, but they’re still celebrated with street parades of people dressed in costumes and masks.

There are many carnivals and festivals in Germany that celebrate all aspects of life and joy.

This is something we also need to adopt regularly too.


After reading this article, I am certain that you will be eager to visit Germany at any opportunity.

Germany is a fantastic place to visit, not just to discover but also to advance in your career.

Relocating to Germany means having the opportunity to live in one of the most organized and democratic countries on the planet, with a high standard of life.

There are numerous misconceptions about Germans, such as the fact that they consume a lot of beer (which really is true), that they are hardworking and diligent (which too is true), and that Germany has a very strong economy (true again).

I hope you have learned a little more about Germany and have seen some of the important values we need to dray from this culture.

Make sure you enforce some of these values in your daily lives.