July 21, 2024


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5 Tips to Overcome Spine Pain

5 Ways to Relieve Neck and Back Pain - Anatomix Physical Therapy

Your spine supports the whole frame and ensures you stand on two feet and move effectively. However, the spine is effective for keeping you upright and susceptible to trauma that can cause chronic pain or leave you disabled. Dealing with chronic spine pain might be challenging, and you need a medical assessment, diagnosis and treatment from Dr. Mahan Ostadian. Although home remedies work for spine pain, at times, you would need a medical approach to eliminate the pain. Here are remedies and treatments for spine pain.


Exercising can reduce chronic spine pain, as it improves the range of motion in the joints at the back. Moreover, exercise leads to the production of natural painkillers, which alleviate the pain. Moreover, the exercises can alleviate nerve pinching on the spine reducing sciatica and chronic lower back pain. The exercises will align the spinal discs, thus preventing future problems such as disc compression and herniation, which results in pain.

Nerve Blocking Medications

Nerve-blocking medications such as epidural injections can reduce chronic pain. Moreover, they are diagnostic as they let the doctors know the source of the pain. For instance, an epidural injection to a specific part of the spine should eliminate the pain around the area. However, if the injection does not alleviate the pain, it means the pain comes from other body parts. Additionally, the epidural injection reduces the possibility of having surgery as it makes it easy for an individual to engage in exercises that increase the range of motion at the back. An increased range of motion can strengthen the muscles and connective tissues in the spine, alleviating pain and discomfort.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy at the back deals with the pain which results from trauma accidents. Trauma leads to acute pain, inflammation, and pain at the injured site. Thus, you can use cold packs soon after the injury and alternate them with heat packs to deal with inflammation and pain. The cold pack will numb the spine, reducing inflammation. In contrast, the heat pack will increase the blood flow to the area eliminating toxins and supplying energy which is important for healing.

Maintain the Right Posture

The right posture plays an important role when dealing with back pain. You can opt for an ergonomic chair in a fixed workstation that does not allow one to move. Alternatively, you should sit upright and avoid leaning when working on your computer or phone. You may take several breaks from work as they increase the range of motion in the back and reduce spine pain.


Surgery might be the last option when dealing with spine pain, but it is a permanent solution to back pain. Surgery might be ideal if you have herniated discs that exert pressure on the nerves at the back. Surgery might be ideal when dealing with trauma injuries which may cause chronic back pain and a frozen shoulder.

Back pain might result from arthritis, herniated discs, congenital problems, and trauma accidents. Unfortunately, back pain affects your life, making it challenging to engage in everyday activities, and you should opt for effective pain management strategies. You can opt for heat and cold therapy, which alleviates trauma pain by numbing the area or increasing blood flow. Additionally, you may incorporate treatments such as epidural injections, pain medications, and surgery to deal with back pain effectively.