May 30, 2024


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7 Steps to Worry-free Indoor Running

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Indoor running is when people run on their treadmills all the while connected to the online world through an app. In this, you can run to your heart’s content, without getting bored of your treadmills.

If you are new to this, we’ve got some tips for you to use. With these tips, you can develop a stress-free running routine and get physically fit in the easiest way possible.

Get Your Favourite Shoes

The first thing to do before running is to get yourself a good pair of shoes. Running barefoot or with a cheap pair of shoes can strain your leg muscles. You need to be as comfortable as possible while you’re running and a good pair of trainer shoes will help you with that.

Get an easy to Run Treadmill

The next step towards Online running is to get a good enough treadmill. Yes, good enough. There are a lot of models available now and we suggest you go for the ones with a dashboard, trackers and sensors. On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend so much money on one particular piece of equipment, you can always go for a basic model.

Buy the Latest Sensors

Like we said before, the latest treadmills come with sensors in them. They track your movements and other vitals. If you have a basic model treadmill, worry not. You can get sensors separately and integrate them with the mill, manually. These sensors will help you by seamlessly tracking your moves.

Get This Amazing App Called Vingo

Now, the app part. We suggest you go with the best app possible. And the best one available right now, is Vingo. This virtual reality app will bring the outdoor environment to you and take away the boredom in your indoor exercises. It has a lot of virtual maps, on which you can run through, all day long, if you want to.

Connect Your Treadmill with the App

You can connect your treadmill with this Online running app via Bluetooth. The app then monitors your speed, pace, resistance, inclination, etc and uses the data to give you the virtual reality experience. If you don’t have built-in sensors in your treadmill, simply get the ANT+ sensors & use them.

Enter the World of Vingo

With Vingo, you can explore the whole world while you exercise. All the maps are designed from real locations around the world. It would seem like you are on a trekking trip to your favourite spots. With hundreds of maps preloaded in it, you will never have to visit the same spot twice.

Even as you only run virtually, the world of Vingo is an exciting and exhilarating place to work out. 

Enjoy Running with Your Friends & Family

You can also invite your friends and family to join you in the app. You can talk to them through the voice chat feature and you can create your own digital avatar. Also, you can pair it with your training bike and use it as an indoor bike app too. The choices are yours.