July 24, 2024


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Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions About Semen Analysis

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Did you know that male infertility is also a contributing factor when a couple cannot conceive? Most men suffer issues with their sperm quality and other sperm disorders that make it difficult to fertilize the female egg. Fortunately, Bedford semen analysis examines your semen quality, motility, shape, and quantity and paves the way for treatment in case of any underlying condition. If male infertility is detected, semen analysis is ideal for evaluating your situation and tailoring advanced treatment options. Here are answers to your commonly asked questions about semen analysis.

Why is semen analysis essential?

Semen analysis is a painless, non-invasive test usually performed as part of a general fertility assessment. While most people always consider visiting the woman’s infertility specialist, male partners should also be assessed as they can have infertility. During a semen analysis procedure, your provider will examine a sample of your semen to evaluate things like sperm count, motility, quality, and shape. In case of abnormalities, your physician will provide guidelines and treatment options to help you overcome them.

Who should consider semen analysis?

Although semen analysis can benefit every male adult, certain people should consider this procedure crucial. If you and your partner have been having difficulties trying to conceive, and the female partner seems okay, there may be a semen abnormality in the male partner. A semen analysis evaluates the likelihood that your partner can cause pregnancy. On the other hand, if you’ve previously had a vasectomy, a semen analysis can help determine whether your procedure was successful.

How should I prepare for semen analysis?

Before your procedure, it’s recommendable that you abstain from sexual activity for a duration between 2-5 days. In most cases, ejaculation can lower your sperm count, impacting your analysis results. Also, constantly avoid exposure to high heat since your sperms are sensitive to high heat, which can affect your sperm quality. Furthermore, it would help if you snubbed using alcohol, smoking, recreational drugs, and caffeine consumption, as it can harm your sperm quality and quantity. Before your procedure, consult your physician about any prescription medications and understand whether they can impact your semen analysis.

How is a semen analysis conducted?

Your provider will instruct you to harvest the semen sample mostly through masturbation. Because your sperms vary daily, your provider asks you to provide two samples spaced out a few weeks apart. Your provider will, after that, use research-based methods to handle and test your semen. However, choosing the right clinic will help you receive accurate results after semen analysis.

What happens if my results are abnormal?

If your results show a slight abnormality, your physician can recommend lifestyle, exercise, diet, supplement, or medication changes to increase your chances of fertility. However, if your semen analysis results show significant abnormalities, your specialist will provide customized treatment options to help you overcome them. Your physician will use the results to offer you result-proven treatments to ensure you achieve your parenthood goal.

If you have sought pregnancy for a while without success, a semen analysis is part of the infertility assessment that you should consider essential. Furthermore, the procedure is comfortable and paves the way for advanced treatment in the future. With proper diagnosis and treatments, you can conceive safely.