September 24, 2023


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Who's beautiful? How beauty is defined around the world ...

Do young Germans believe they have to adhere to the media’s standards of beauty? Is there a German beauty standard? However, an increasing number of German magazines are speaking out on german beauty. German specifications put a greater focus on high-quality clothes than on cosmetics. Germans aren’t known for their high expectations. Well, german women’s makeup is normally in neutral tones. is a reviewing platform where people leave their reviews on different companies of which they have experience. You can visit there and read about people’s experiences.

  1. Beauty is intimately associated with Wellbeing, a philosophy that blends skin treatment with a woman’s own time for both body and soul healing and reinvigoration. When a German woman organizes a beauty evening for herself, it means she needs to pamper herself at home, possibly a fragranced shower, candles, a facial mask, a hair serum, natural salt cleanser, a foot massage, herbal, and a quick read. There’s a beautyfashionshop from which you can get various makeup products. 
  2. In Germany, natural beauty is prized, and most girls consider appearance to be a subject of “Ausstrahlung,” which translates to “glisten” or “gleam,” and refers to the intellect and inner dexterity that reflects out. Cheesy makeup and cosmetic surgery are not very common in this country.
  3. Makeup is subtle; most German women tend to steer clear of too little cosmetics rather than too much. Makeup should be shiny but realistic in appearance.
  4. A light layer of base, a hint of blush or lipstick, and eyeliner are the most popular looks. And, of course, mascara — German women adore using mascara and kajal to draw attention to their eyes. If a German girl wants to go all out for her makeup, she’ll use a lot of mascara. Even when the eye makeup is very dark and intense, the majority of it is applied in neutral tones.
  5. When it comes to skincare, women prefer to stick to the basics rather than getting fancy. Most women’s skin care practices are simple and do not include a slew of products: washing, moisturizing, and for older women, and under-eye treatment. Face masks and exfoliating the face and body are common among German women. Oh, and they have a strong preference for perfumes.
  6. Cosmetics are not a big deal for German women. They have no qualms about purchasing cheap makeup from the nearest drug store because of their realistic perspective on appearance. And for good reason: store brands also have nicer products and fewer contaminants than cosmetics made by multinational corporations.
  7. Organic cosmetics are gaining popularity. Natural products are far safer for German women’s skin than synthetic ones. There are a plethora of organic ingredients skincare products and cosmetics labels to choose from, ranging in price from low to high. 
  8. Clothes are normally relaxed and convenient, yet fashionable. Even women who dress more casually or elegantly will rarely forego convenience in the name of fashion.