July 24, 2024


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DCraf Knows How To Care For Him

DCraf Knows How To Care For Him

Care for Him has always been tough. And gifting something near an emergency situation. And it’s tiring to browse across various brands, ingredients, and combinations of products for that perfect Men skincare routine. This is even out of my imagination, my better half doing that much research. But their skin does need care and protection. And for eons, Men’s skincare was limited only to actors, models, and the film industry. But pollution these days is doing equal damage to all humans alike.  But do men have time and interest to look at the results of various products?

D Craf Sunscreen

Best Skincare Option For Men -Care For Him

Choosing that one brand is a total fuss and men are not even interested in knowing what effect it may have on their skin. But who doesn’t like to look good?And have that wonderful skin? Doesn’t everyone love being complimented, irrespective of gender? DCRAF does all that for their customers by bringing such skin type-based combinations of products. I ordered three products from the DCRAF sunkissed combo of men’s face wash and sunscreen for my husband. 

Skincare Of All Skin Type For Men

The Sun Kissed combo of a face wash and sunscreen is actually a perfect choice in a regular routine. The face wash is made for oily skin, controls oil accumulation, and detoxifies the skin. While the sunscreen provides the required sun protection from the strong UV rays. And above that, it’s water resistant and nongreasy. 

Sunscreen being greasy is a big issue and here it was solved. A combination of both works well for my husband and there is no chance that there is going to be a brand switch. As this combination is perfect. I have noticed that oil-control products usually make the skin dry but here the skin remains soft. This is due to the fact that DCRAF products are paraben and sulfate free and the best skincare.

My favorite product is the DRAF face moisturizer suited for all skin types. The reason is ingredients. Even though my better half has no concern about the ingredients I found myself amazed by the combination of Shea Butter, Red Algae Extract, and Tagetes Extract. While everyone is aware of Shea butter’s moisturizing properties, Red Algae Extract and Tagetes Extract are master ingredients. Red Algae has anti-aging properties, and Tagetes help in increasing collagen production. 

Again the face scrub is also for all skin types. Though many face scrubs result in dry and irritated skin, here the skin again is smooth and soft. The texture of the scrub is especially awesome. I myself felt the urge to use the scrub due to the floral fragrance. 

How to Care For Him – DCraf Products

When I received the parcel of DCRAF products there was more curiosity as the brand has quite a unique image. And as it is hailed by one and only Rana Dugabatti, excitement was pretty obvious from both of us. And the expectations met the products in terms of both product quality as well in affordability. The combinations designed are also unique and interesting. The packaging and the color contrast are definite winning points. 

I think DCRAF has become a household brand from now on. I recommend DCRAF products to men as well as their better halves as a great option to gift as well as for regular skin routine preference. Especially the combos provided are a good choice to start with. If the combos won’t attract one then definitely their advertisement featuring Rana Dugabatti will steal their attention.