July 24, 2024


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Diet and Nutrition Made EasyHelping people eat healthy. Achieve their weight goal. Live longerAffirmations to help you with your body image and health

Diet and Nutrition Made EasyHelping people eat healthy. Achieve their weight goal. Live longerAffirmations to help you with your body image and health

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Here are twenty-eight affirmations concerning your body that will radically shift your thinking and conform your mind positively.  These are meant for you to repeat to yourself every day or at least think about them constantly and have faith in them.  Incorporate these beliefs into your life and watch them change you inside and out.

We all need positivity in our lives. But it all starts in the mind. If we can believe it and practice it in our mind then our actions will inevitably follow. It is what we constantly repeat to ourselves that shape the core of who we are, our identity, and our spirit.

We need to learn to love, appreciate, and take care of our bodies. The more cognizant we are of that truth the more empowered we will be to practice and live a lifestyle that is healthy, active, and life-preserving.

Self-care and good nutrition is a part of who we are. What we are feeding ourselves matters and is as important as what we are feeding our minds.  We need to learn about good nutrition and good health practices as we are learning, taking care of, and cherishing our bodies.  It is an act of self-love as much as it is a personal responsibility. You owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and the people around you to be the best that you can be and make the best decisions that you can make. Because your life matters.

These affirmations will help you to make better decisions regarding your body, your health, and your life starting now. They are meant to encourage, empower, inform, and help you by elevating you into a better place and state of mind. And here they are:

My body is sacred and must be taken care of. Every day I thank God who created me. I respect the body He gave me.

I am wonderfully and beautifully made. There is no other one on this earth like me.

I am responsible for promoting my own health. I must do everything I can to protect my life.

I hate pain, and sickness. I choose health, prudence, and wisdom.

I will learn to take care of my body because it is one of the greatest gifts I can give to myself

I love myself and I am not ashamed of it.

I will make decisions that positively affect my present and my tomorrow.

I will choose to stay informed on how best to take care of my health because it is my responsibility to do so.

Self-care is godly and wise. It is authentic and preserves your body, spirit, and soul.

My existence matters and I will not apologize for it.

I will practice self-empowerment because I owe it to myself. Everything about me is progressing for the best; my health, my body, my happiness.

I choose to stay around people who are positive, who add to my spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional growth and wealth.

Good nutrition prevents chronic illnesses and increases longevity. I will practice good nutrition to prevent myself from getting sick in the future.

I choose to make good nutrition a lifestyle because I care.

Every day I am creating a better future for myself; happy, pain-free, and healthy.

I cherish and respect life. Therefore I will make my actions to follow my stance.

I stay around people who validate me and not put me down.

I will eat healthy and stay active to maintain a normal weight.

I will eat a variety of foods with portion control and I will exercise regularly to maintain a normal healthy weight.

I will not use food to relieve stress. I will not overeat or under-eat to relieve stress but will seek other ways to better cope with stress.

I will use prayer, meditation, journaling, individual therapy, and other therapeutic means to relieve stress.

I love myself therefore I will not harm me.

My weight doesn’t dictate my identity or my decision to self-love. I do not label myself as skinny or fat. I value and embrace myself no matter what.

My decision to eat better is not based on other people’s opinions about me but it is based on self-love and self-care. It is my life, therefore my duty to stay healthy.

I am not driven by the number on the weight scale. However I will make the necessary lifestyle and behavioral modifications to promote my health because I value life and I choose health, happiness, and well-being.

The way I look reflects the way I feel on the inside so I will change my attitude, stay confident, strong, positive, and, joyful.

I am accepted, appreciated, loved, and gifted. I reject all prejudice, discrimination, abasement, maltreatment, and everything that does not celebrate me as a person.

I am my best advocate. I advocate for me every day.

In conclusion, I hope these affirmations were helpful and have caught your attention. Believe and they will help you in your quest for personal growth and success, for better health, and for a new boost of confidence. You will let your soul and spirit get the nourishment they need and that will help you holistically.