July 21, 2024


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FOMO of Food?

FOMO of Food?

FOMO of Food

This is a conversation that I have with clients frequently…

It’s the fear of missing out (FOMO) from food. Of not being able to enjoy the rest of that delicious lasagna, pizza, chocolate cake or insert your food of choice here.

I believe the FOMO of food really stems from a diet mentality. “I must eat it today because tomorrow I won’t be allowed” or maybe it’s “if I don’t eat it all now, I won’t be able (or allowed) to eat it later.”

But the truth is that for the majority of us in this country, there is an abundance of food available. Food is available on every corner, at every hour of the day.

Here’s how to end the Food-Based FOMO:

  1. “I can have it some other time.” Researchers have found that this phrase can less the temptation to eat said food right now, because that you know it is available to you at any time.

  2. Consider how the food makes you feel in your body. What are you aware of when you consume said food? Do you feel energized? Do you feel sluggish or have digestive upsets? As an adult, you make choices all day every so, at the end of the day, the choice to consume any food is yours.

  3. Reflect on what the food is providing you. Why do you want this food? What are you truly seeking from food? Is this food providing you comfort in some way? What do you need besides food right now? What would be even more useful for the feeling you’re seeking?

  4. If you choose to indulge in any food, try to do so mindfully. You may notice that when you slow down, sit with, and chew said food that you may even feel satisfied with less.

What to do next…

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