May 28, 2024


Extraordinary care


11 survival tips for newcomers to Germany

The most important thing one should do for oneself is to have a healthy lifestyle and also take good care of one’s body to avoid getting ill. Living in Germany can be so tiresome and stressful. Thus, when living in Germany, the following tips are to be considered 


No matter how busy you are in Germany, you must avoid skipping breakfast. Taking breakfast is one of the best ways to be strong and healthy. If there is any need to drink, take it in moderation. By doing this, you avoid building up extra calories of alcohol and this, in turn, will make you live healthily. Eat plenty of cereals, preferably wholegrain, and potatoes. Vegetables and fruits – eat ‘five a day. Eat milk and dairy products every day; fish once or twice a week; and meat, sausages and eggs in moderation. Eat small quantities of fat and high-fat foods.

If you have problems meeting your daily requirements, you can take advantage of food supplements. However, you should first read about the supplements as well as the company selling them such as Garden of Life on You will get to know from the experience of other Germans the food supplements that are effective as well as reliable stores to buy them from.

Another health tip you should consider while you live in Germany is to drink enough water and reduce sugar intake. Taking plenty of water will help in boosting your immune system and will also keep you from eating too much food. Stay away from sodas and other sugary beverages, because they usually contain a high concentration of sugar that is dangerous to your healthy living. More so, regular intake of sodas may also fatten you up and cause problems.


Staying up late if care is not taken may affect your sleep schedule and cause unease during the day. For healthy living in Germany, try and get at least, seven hours of sleep. You should try to go to bed at the same time and wake up almost at the same time. You should know that lack of sleep can make you feel unwell and may also affect your health. If you have some free time, you should try and have a short sleep as its effect on your body will do wonders and your energy level will be boosted.


Ensure you warm up your system before going into a full exercise session to avoid muscle injury. If you engage yourself in simple stretching, before and after exercise it will keep you pain-free. There are many gym facilities and equipment in Germany to help you achieve this. To get motivated, get yourself a partner to keep you up the game. Playing a sport could also earn you good health while in Germany. Sport is another way to be physically active and maintain a good shape.

Choose any game you like, focus on it and make it your hobby. Doing this often will improve your stamina and increase your energy. Bike riding can also help you have good health. You can choose to ride a bike to work or around your house. You need not be afraid of a road crash because the road infrastructure in Germany is amazing and one of the best in Europe as there are marked spaces for riding a bike in peace. The aforementioned are some of the tips that hopefully will make you live healthy in Germany.