April 23, 2024


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Icarus Behavioral Health Continues Its Focus on Alcohol Detox in New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico –

Icarus Behavioral Health is pleased to announce that they are continuing their focus on providing the newest and most state-of-the-art alcohol and substance use disorder treatment through their alcohol detox center in New Mexico and other facilities. And with its medically supervised detox and well-trained and experienced clinical team, Icarus is positioning itself to become the leader when it comes to behavioral health services of all types, for Santa Fe, Albuquerque, and other places in New Mexico. They are also providing effective treatment for dual diagnosis disorders in the area to help even those with severe substance use and mental health disorders. And lastly, they offer a solid detox program for people struggling with addiction to methamphetamines or meth.

Alcohol abuse treatment may include a variety of treatment alternatives, depending on the severity of the specific case. But regardless of the specifics of the actual treatment, alcohol detox is vital for recovery. Out of the substances that people can abuse, alcohol may be the most important with regards to seeking professional help. Furthermore, alcohol detox is one of the few forms of detox and withdrawal that can have fatal results. It is important to note that quitting alcohol cold turkey can be deadly because it may result in: risks related to increased heart rate and high blood pressure; complications involving tremors; risks of having a seizure during stage 3 of alcohol detox; risk of injury from withdrawal complications if no help is present; increased risk of relapse; and the possibility of complications resulting even in possible death.

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Icarus Behavioral Health also offers an accredited dual diagnosis treatment facility that can provide help to patients with severe mental health and substance use disorders to achieve complete and lasting recovery. This involves the presence of a co-occurring disorder, which is a mental health issue that occurs simultaneously with a substance abuse disorder. The problem is that dual diagnoses can be a challenge to identify, in view of the complexities of both disorders. This is because mental health problems may exhibit symptoms that are similar to the symptoms of substance abuse disorder, and vice versa. Studies have shown that about 45 percent of Americans may be suffering from a dual diagnosis and that there is a substantial lack of treatment alternatives for them.

Finding the right facility for dual diagnosis treatment is important. This facility should offer several kinds of behavioral treatment and they should indicate their ability to diagnose and treat certain mental health conditions in combination with substance abuse, such as: PTSD and alcoholism; anxiety in connection with substance abuse; psychosis and stimulant abuse; thought disorders and addiction; and depression and drug abuse. Icarus Behavioral Health offers integrated dual disorder treatment (IDDT), which is an evidence-based method that will enhance the quality of life for patients suffering from both a mental health disorder and substance abuse disorder. This includes components of psychological, pharmacological, social, and educational interventions.

Icarus Behavioral Health also offers methamphetamine detox, which includes a number of recognizable characteristics that range in severity depending on the amount the user ingests and the length of use. It is important to note that withdrawal symptoms will typically appear once detox starts. These include: fatigue, confusion, increased appetite, nausea, agitation, loss of motivation, hallucinations, paranoia, red eyes, fever, depression, anxiety, and dehydration. Medically-assisted detox may offer a number of advantages as it includes: 24/7 monitoring by medical professionals and staff; prescription of medication to provide relief from withdrawal symptoms; mental health support; and access to a healthy diet.

Icarus Behavioral Health is focused on becoming the provider of choice for clients and families in New Mexico. They are aiming to attain leadership status in behavioral healthcare through the provision of high-quality individualized and evidence-based treatment for a complete range of substance use and mental health disorders. They also strive to integrate the strengths of their location in the attractive landscape of New Mexico and the Southwestern US to enhance and augment the recovery experience of their clients.

Those who are interested in learning more about the services available through Icarus Behavioral Health, such as meth detox, alcohol detox, and treatment of dual diagnosis disorders are invited to contact their Admissions staff by phone.


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