July 20, 2024


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Important Facts You Need to Know Concerning Dressing Assistant

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When you age and it becomes challenging to do simple tasks such as dressing, it requires you to get assistance. As such, dressing assistance comes in handy. Some people might also opt to have a family member help them out, but if you do not want to burden them, you might opt to hire a helping hand. You can therefore request Philadelphia dressing assistance to help you get dressed and perform other tasks like eating, especially if you are elderly or have succumbed to a serious injury. Below are important facts you need to understand about a dressing assistant.

Who is a dressing assistant?

As the name suggests, a dressing assistant is a person who helps you get dressed. In most cases, the dressing assistant usually helps the elderly because they have difficulty dressing due to cognitive or physical impairments that occur as they age. For this reason, a dressing assistant assists your lower and upper body enabling the elderly to dress, thus eliminating the need for them to be put in nursing homes.

Is having an assistant dressing good for you or your loved one?

A dressing assistant is usually the best choice for you or your loved one, especially if you or they cannot dress independently and you do not want to continue living in a nursing home or assisted living facility. Therefore, you can employ a dressing assistant who will come to your home at certain times to help you get dressed. Of importance to note is that you might be experiencing challenges when dressing because of ongoing pain, physical disabilities, or reduced mobility of your lower or upper body.

What are some of the benefits of having a dressing assistant?

The primary benefit of having a dressing assistant is to enable you to get dressed in the comfort of your home. Most dressing assistants are qualified, compassionate, and friendly to ensure they are always available and ready to help you change dirty clothes and put on clean ones.

What to expect when choosing a dressing assistant?

After choosing a dressing assistant, you are encouraged to set up a particular time during which they will be traveling to your home to help you get dressed. They usually help you put on pajamas, shirts, pants, shoes, undergarments, or socks. They can also help you put on makeup or jewelry.

What other tasks does a dressing assistant offer?

Other than helping you get dressed, a dressing assistant also provides pet care, companionship care, errand services, meal assistance, housekeeping, and other services you might require them to help you with. During their visits, they usually have their best interests at heart, which enable them to offer quality services.

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