July 21, 2024


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Is It Advisable for Pregnant Women to Get a Dental Cleaning?

Dental cleaning during pregnancy, is it recommended?

Dental health is essential for everyone. Suppose one does not maintain their dental health by practicing brushing and flossing daily. Other methods exist to maintain excellent dental health besides brushing and flossing. Such is the case with dental cleaning. 

Dental cleaning can be an integral part of the dental health maintenance routine. It can become more than an essential part of pregnant women’s lives. Pregnant women go through a lot during the nine months. 

It can become very likely for pregnant women to forget to take dental care. While dental care is essential, it will help if you understand when dental cleaning is advisable for pregnant women. You can also contact bayside bayside dental arts to gain professional insights about the latter. 

Understanding when dental cleaning will be safe and necessary during pregnancy. 

Some pregnant women are confused about whether to get a dental cleaning during pregnancy. However, you should know it is entirely harmful for pregnant women to get dental cleaning at any time. Dental cleaning can free their teeth and gums from bacteria and infections that would otherwise affect the baby. 

Pregnant women should not be worried about the procedure. However, they must avoid certain harmful substances such as tobacco and alcohol. These substances will not only increase the chances of dental problems for the woman but also cause an effect on the baby. 

The dentist will likely use dental polish or fluoride during dental cleaning; you should not be concerned about the medications used during the procedure as they are not harmful and are only used in small amounts. You will not be ingesting fluoride or dental polish. 

You can likely find it difficult to lay back for dental cleaning in the third trimester of pregnancy, which involves discomfort and inflexibility in bodily movements. As a result, getting a dental cleaning before the third trimester will be helpful. It can be a possibility that pregnant women may be concerned about radiation exposure during the procedure of dental X-rays. 

Dental X-rays, like other X-rays, contain minimal radiation, which is harmless for most pregnant women. You can also ask the dentist to provide extra protection for your pelvic area and abdomen to reduce the impact of radiation on the baby. 

Why is oral health emphasized during pregnancy? 

Dental cleanings are beneficial and safe during pregnancy. If a pregnant woman does not get a dental cleaning and neglects her dental health, the bacteria in the mouth will be swallowed and digested inside the body. It can create problems for the baby and the mother. Excess bacteria can also increase the likelihood of periodontal diseases such as gingivitis.