July 24, 2024


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Little-Known Facts Concerning the Coolsculpting Procedure

CoolSculpting: How to Prepare, Procedure, Cost, Before and After

What do you do when you have excessive body weight? Well, the first thing to come into your mind is the exercise regime and dietary changes. While these lifestyle modifications can help you shed some extra pounds, the stubborn fats will still linger. The feeling is frustrating since you will not have your desirable physique. Certain hormones and genetic factors can dictate the positioning of those pockets of fat in the body. Thanks to the Coolsculpting Reston, you can alleviate those stubborn fats for good and achieve the body shape of your dream. You could have many questions concerning the procedure, but the following facts will shed light on the coolsculpting.

The Procedure Is Noninvasive

Individuals hearing about the coolsculpting procedure for the first time think it operates like other procedures like liposuction. However, the alleviation of stubborn fats through coolsculpting does not involve any incision, unlike surgical operations. This procedure focuses on damaging the small pockets of fat cells by exposing them to low temperatures.

Coolsculpting Does Not Treat the Sagging Skin

You may think the procedure is a good option if you have sagging skin, but you are mistaken. The coolsculpting treatment only bypasses the healthy skin cells to contour your body. However, your skin laxity due to your previous weight loss regime will not improve after the coolsculpting procedure. Therefore, you should consider skin tightening options such as profound alongside your coolsculpting treatments.

The Procedure Is Not for Everyone

While the benefits of coolsculpting appeal to the majority, some people are not a good fit for this procedure. Therefore, before the treatment, the specialist will assess you to know whether you are a good candidate for fat cell freezing. For example, the procedure may not suit individuals who have been diagnosed with obesity. Additionally, the medical practitioner will advise you to reschedule the coolsculpting session if you are pregnant.

No Downtime

Another thing about the coolsculpting procedure is that it has minimal recovery time. The procedure usually relies on the body’s metabolism, implying that you can resume your normal schedule immediately after the procedure. Since this is a biological process, you will not have a sudden shock of feeling lighter afterward. After destroying the fat cells through low temperatures, your body will only take a few weeks to reabsorb the damaged fat cells.

You May Need Other Fat-Freezing Sessions

The outcomes of the coolsculpting treatments usually depend on the extent of the stubborn fats beneath the skin. Therefore, your specialist can recommend more than one treatment to reap the maximum benefits. You will notice the improvements after four to six weeks following your initial appointment. After twelve weeks, your improvement in your body physique will be at the climax.

Although the changes in diet and exercises can help you lose some weight, the stubborn fat will continue undermining your physique. Fortunately, you can get off the pockets of fat cells beneath your skin through the coolsculpting procedure. Unlike the liposuction procedure, coolsculpting is less invasive, implying that you take less time to recover. Since not everyone fits these treatments, the specialist will assess you to ensure that you are a good candidate for the fat-freezing treatment.