July 25, 2024


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Manifestation Visualisation – The Sure Shot way to attain goal

Manifestation Visualisation – The Sure Shot way to attain goal

Everyone has a goal in their life. We keep searching for how to achieve a goal or ensure success, but we often forget that what we achieve needs our subconscious support and conscious effort. This is where the law of attraction comes into the picture. Through manifestation visualisation, we visualise our future and manifest ourselves attaining the goal while continuing to write the gratitude journal presuming that we have already achieved it. This is a beautiful journey where we attract universal energy and bring it in alignment with what we need from our life.

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Manifestation Visualisation – How to do it?

Manifestation Visualisation  - checklist

I have always been an advocate of visualisation and visualisation meditation. However, Manifestation Visualisation under the Law of attraction is a process of assuming that your goal has been achieved so as to convince your subconscious mind and the universal every to come in alignment.

1. Find a SMART goal

If you wish to earn one crore in one hour, it is an impossible take. While with the Law of Attraction we are telling about how to make the impossible possible, we should not the goals that are unrealistic. Come on! You know what I mean. Also, make sure the intention is right. The goals should be framed such that it benefits someone and harms none.

Manifestation Visualisation - Smart Goal

2. Create a plan and start execution

You should know what to do if you want to attain the goal. The steps to be taken should be laid out in a systematic fashion with as much specificity as possible and you should be doing the first step immediately. Eg: If you want to buy a car, you should do a test drive first. If you with to get a job, create a resume first.

3. Visualise your Success

While you are at it start visualising your sucess with visualisation meditation, guided hypnosis, Yoga nidra or any such methods. In addition, you should visualise every step that you take to attain your goal. The idea is to bring the universal energy closer to your goal.

4. Gratitude journal

Now that you have a plan, and have done the visualisation, you have to write down the points that you have done assuming that you have already achieved the goal. It can be done in pointers or as a story with you as a main character. While you are it this manifestation visualisation materialises into you gratitude journal where you thank the universe for letting you attain the goal . Eg: Thank you universe for letting me get my favorite car.

Manifestation Visualisation - Woman thinking of future

5. Have positive people around

While you try to attain your goal try not to spend your time with people you drain your positivity and surround yourself with negative energy. Because, the more positive aura you keep around yourself, the faster the results would be.

6. Be patient

The most common mistake that people do is to give up easily after some time. There is an effective analogy that my tutor often say. You keep a tumbler full of water to boil. You turn on the heat and wait for sometime. But you see nothing and turn off the heat. Will the water boil? No! But will you blame the stove or tumbler for this? No, because you know it takes certain amount of time to attain this. Likewise you cannot give up after trying for some time. You have to learn to wait.

Manifestation visualisation is a proven effort. It is no magic as many of you mioght have thought. You have to work to attain your goal while manifesting and writing the gratitide journal. Join our 21 days gratitude challenge so as to train and rewire your brain to bring the universal energy at your dispersal.