July 20, 2024


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Natural remedies for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis Treatment + 7 Natural Ways to Boost Bone Density - Dr. Axe

Osteoporosis is a bone disease resulting from calcium deficiency resulting in weak and brittle bones. Osteoporosis is associated with age, nutrition, and gender as it affects older women going through menopause. You may choose the right Boca Raton osteoporosis treatment based on the severity of the condition, your gender, and your age. However, home remedies can reverse osteoporosis leading to strong and healthy bones. You would take vitamin D supplements, exercise, eat healthily and incorporate magnesium into your diet. These natural remedies will alleviate osteoporosis symptoms and strengthen your bones.

Increase Vitamin D Intake

Vitamin D supplements make a huge difference for people with osteoporosis as they increase calcium intake leading to healthy bones. Vitamin D insufficiency impacts the body’s ability to absorb calcium, a mineral associated with healthy bones. The lack of calcium results in other symptoms, such as aching joints, poor digestion, low moods, and an increase in the chances of experiencing bone fractures.

Although you would get vitamin D from the sun, this becomes a problem if you live in an area with long, dark, and cold summers. Therefore you can choose food like oily fish, eggs, and cheese as they contain high Vitamin D content. Alternatively, you may opt for supplements from a doctor’s office.

Incorporate Magnesium into Your Diet

Calcium plays an important role in your diet and is attributed to converting vitamin D into its most active form. Additionally, the supplement increases calcium absorption, leading to healthy bones. You can incorporate it into your diet by choosing whole grains, dried fruits, and nuts and taking liquid or pill supplements.

Deal With Stress

Stress may predispose an individual to health issues such as osteoporosis, as it reduces digestion capabilities and the absorption of nutrients. Thus, you should deal with stress to avoid digestion issues and increase calcium absorption. You may join a yoga class and practice mindful meditation, which changes your life perspective and reduces stress.

Deal With Low Stomach Acid

Low stomach acid is associated with old age, stress, and poor diet. Unfortunately, the low acid results in poor digestion and absorption of nutrients such as calcium. You may avoid long-term antacid intake, which lowers stomach acid. Therefore, you may use bitter herbs before meals to increase stomach acid and solubilize and ionize the calcium leading to high absorption and alleviation of osteoporosis

Eat Healthily

Your diet affects your health and is responsible for bone health. Thus you should choose healthy food. Choose fresh produce, whole grains, nuts, vegetables, and fruits that offer a full range of nutrients and vitamins. The diet can offer meaningful amounts of vitamin K, manages, copper, boron, potassium, and calcium, which support bone health. You should eat these healthy foods during menopause as the period is sensitive and associated with born turnover.

Your bones will be prone to osteoporosis if you have low calcium and vitamin D intake, as the vitamins are associated with healthy and strong bones. Although you may seek treatments for osteoporosis, it is better to choose natural remedies which improve overall health. First, increase vitamin D intake by choosing the right food, basking in the sun, and taking supplements during winter. Then deal with stress, low stomach acids, and eat healthily to improve bone health.