June 14, 2024


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Reminder: Access to behavioral health resources available, information continues to be shared

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Behavioral health, as acknowledged via one of the five pillars of the Healthy Boiler Program, plays a key role in overall employee well-being. Regardless of how someone refers to it – behavioral health, mental health, emotional well-being, etc. – one thing is certain, it matters. Purdue understands that raising awareness about mental health needs and ensuring that resources are readily available is an everyday necessity.

“Human Resources is continuing its long-term initiative to help ensure the Purdue community can learn about the variety of accessible resources, tools and more so that employees have the help, support and information they need,” says Candace Shaffer, senior director of benefits in Human Resources. “We remain focused on bringing mental health assets to the forefront while at the same time enhancing or pursuing new tools, programs, training opportunities and more to share with the Purdue community.

Human Resources has also created a hub, which is featured on the Human Resources website, for these types of mental health resources. Via the Mental Health Resources webpage, employees will find a list of available resources, such as:

  • Assistance now – crisis/immediate help.
  • Apps and online digital resources.
  • Community and national mental health organizations.
  • Employee assistance counseling – for the West Lafayette, Fort Wayne and Northwest campuses.
  • Newsroom archive.
  • Suicide prevention resources.
  • Telehealth therapy.

The newsroom archive includes links to the weekly Purdue Today articles, which focus on mental health-related topics. A sampling of those articles is below:

Additionally, the Mental Health Resources webpage provides information on Purdue’s health plan coverage for mental health and substance abuse as well as behavioral health referral locations for the West Lafayette, Fort Wayne and Northwest campuses.   

Be sure to check the Mental Health Resources webpage often as new information is added as it becomes available.


To assist faculty, staff and dependents

In an effort to help Purdue employees manage stress, anxiety and more, a list of tools and resources has been compiled; see the Mental Health Resources webpage for a variety of available resources.

To assist students

Faculty and staff who work with students or have a student at home can direct them to the resources below for behavioral health assistance. Note: LiveHealth Online Psychology and LiveHealth Online Psychiatry services are also available to Purdue students who are covered on a Purdue health plan. Mental health visits through LiveHealth Online are covered at 100% on the Purdue student health plan.  

Office of the Dean of Students

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)