July 24, 2024


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Six Months in Seattle

Six Months in Seattle

Hi internet pals!

I’m riding a wave of increased inspiration and creativity these days and hope that it will bring me back to blogging (on my own blog) more frequently. It goes without saying that 2020 has thrown us all several curve balls – it’s been a very bumpy ride. But regardless of everything happening around the world, I am finding peace in our new place in Seattle. We’ve lived in Seattle a full six months now — after saying farewell to Florida and embarking on a 15-day trek across the country. While we’re still very much Seattle newbies, it feels like we’ve been in the PNW a lot longer than that (my guess is it has something to do with the “stay at home” orders).

Margaret’s Way Trail

After a trying 6-week house hunt in January and February, I’m very happy with where we landed — for now. An itty bitty 100-year-old ouse in the Admiral District of West Seattle, I am embracing the friendly neighborhood and community aspect with all of my being. I often felt alone and isolated while living in Florida, and so I’m making a strong effort to foster friendships in our new city (COVID has created a few obstacles which I’m sure you can imagine).

Everyone says summer is the best Seattle season, and I’m here for it! With no travel plans on our calendar in the immediate future, unfortunately, I’m focusing on exploring all there is in and around the city. Mostly around, because let’s be real… going “into” the city still intimidates me, and I’ll take a trip to the mountains over the city streets any day.

These days you can either find me a) online, or b) outside. I’ve been pouring huge amounts of time into both my Virtual Assistant and Beautycounter businesses. And when I’ve overdosed on screen time, you’ll find me walking or running around my neighborhood, hiking a new gorgeous PNW trail, or dabbling in gardening (namely watching Nick tend to our first veggie garden).

I made a big batch of my mom’s tabouli that we enjoyed at the beach over 4th of July weekend, but other than that, I haven’t been spending too much time in the kitchen. While I’ll always be a nutrition nut and foodie at heart, my GI issues often discourage me from being creative in the kitchen as I continue to work with several practitioners to both figure out and heal my unhappy gut. I’ve always viewed health as much more than the food we put into our bodies and how much we move them, so in this summer season, I’m leaning into the many other elements of wellness – beyond feel good food and fitness.

Here are some photos from our first summer in Seattle – and it’s just the beginning! You can find me on Instagram sharing more of our PNW adventures on the regular. Will share more here soon!

Lake 22 Trail // birthday hike

takeout is the new dining out // Pablo y Pablo

Dirty Harry’s Balcony Trail

seedy tahini granola

Lake 22 Trail // birthday hike

fresh greens from our first garden

summer eats

Heather Lake Trail

happy mail for my Beautycounter clients

blue skies at Discovery Park

local produce & iced tea obsession

Koba’s been living her best life!