July 24, 2024


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The Right Candidate for Same-Day Dental Crowns

Same Day Crowns: The Pros and Cons - Edward Zeva D.M.D. Babylon New York

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry reports over 14 million persons in the U.S. use dental crowns. As a common type of dental prosthetic, crowns Summit are custom-made to resemble your natural teeth. A dental crown is fitted over your entire tooth. Dental crowns can help fix oral conditions, particularly excessive enamel wear, dental caries, and fractured teeth.

If you visit your dentist’s office for specialist fixing of an oral concern, you can choose either traditional crowns or same-day dental crowns. If the traditional dental crown is your best option, you will be required to visit your dentist more than once for complete treatment.

However, same-day dental crowns are increasingly becoming popular as they allow your dentist to complete treatment once. The images of your mouth captured digitally are used by 3-D printing technology to produce a crown in minutes.

Getting a same-day dental crown ensures you do not use a temporary crown. A temporary dental crown can often detach from your tooth or feel uncomfortable in your mouth. Below are reasons you may be the right candidate for same-day dental crowns.

  1. When you do not have dental decay and cavities

Tooth decay or caries can result from a combination of various issues. You can be affected by dental cavities because you do not regularly brush and floss properly. As a result, more bacteria are allowed to thrive in your mouth, leading to cavities and other severe oral problems.

If a dental crown is installed without treating a dental cavity, this oral problem can worsen, causing serious damage to the crown. Also, the surrounding teeth can get damaged.

  1. Have a healthy structure of teeth

The remaining tooth structure should support the dental crown to be installed. Your dentist will examine the width and length of your problematic tooth.

If your tooth has extensive damage, decay, or another problem, your dentist will likely recommend a traditional dental crown. For instance, if the affected tooth is narrower, your dentist can advise you to use a traditional crown.

Advantages you can get from same-day dental crowns

One of the main advantages of a same-day dental crown is that you can improve your smile immediately.

Remember that you often must wait two or three weeks before your dentist completes traditional dental treatment. As a result, you might prefer same-day dental crowns, especially if you have a busy daily schedule.

Furthermore, installing a traditional dental crown involves using a mold to capture the impression of your mouth. The dental putty applied on your teeth to capture its impression usually tastes unpleasant.

Also, you will feel uncomfortable when the dental putty is in your mouth. However, a same-day dental crown involves using a computer to capture digital images of your mouth instead of dental putty.

Moreover, the installation of a same-day dental crown allows the preservation of the existing structures of the tooth requiring treatment. For your dentist to fix a traditional crown, the existing tooth structure needs filing.

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