May 22, 2024


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Ultimate Guide to Per Diem Nurse Job

How Does Per Diem Nursing Work

Per diem nurses have been in demand during the pandemic since they are the best solution to patch up shifts that need immediate staff to take over. Especially when the pandemic started, staff shortages became a big issue. Check on per diem nurse jobs near you and you can see that they are still continuously hiring up to now. As a nurse, most nurses have been grabbing the opportunity to maximize their career by working as per diem nurses instead of getting a regular nursing job since they can earn more. 

What is a Per Diem Nurse?

Per diem nurse works usually under a nurse staffing agency and from the word per diem which is a Greek word that means “per day” in English. Per diem nurses get a short-term assignment that ranges from the 8-hrs shift, 12-hr shift, a day, a week, or depending on the need of the healthcare facility. Per diem nurses get paid every day after each assignment they are given. 

What are The Advantages of Being a Per Diem Nurse?

Work Flexibility 

Per diem nurses can rest after each assignment which means they don’t get burnout. They can manage their schedule and be able to decide if they want to work or not. In a year they can plan to go on a long-term vacation without the hassle of taking leave and stating all the necessary reasons. As per diem nurses they are allowed to decline assignments if the schedule doesn’t match the assignment dates. On the other hand, they can also take as much work as they want if they desire to. 

Opportunity to Travel 

Most per diem nurses are assigned to different areas, this can give them the opportunity to see new places and explore places they have never been to. Some may be assigned to the places of their dreams, traveling is expensive but when you work as a per diem nurse the agency will reimburse all job-related expenses when you get assigned to different places far from your residence. 

More Exposure

Getting assigned to a new working environment often can help you enhance your adaptability. As a nurse, being able to adjust fast to your working environment is important since it can affect your productivity. As a per diem nurse, you will be exposed to different co-workers, teams, and patients. Being able to blend in can easily help you have less stress and instead enjoy working. 

More Job Opportunity

Per diem nurses are allowed to work with more than one nurse staffing agency which means they can accept as many assignments as they want as long as they can manage to be there when they are needed. More job opportunities equals more rings as well as more opportunities to grow their career and earn the experience they need to advance their career. 

Higher Pay 

Per diem nurses have a higher hourly rate compared with regular nurses. Plus per diem nurses who have more experience and have specialization can get more pay. So nurses prefer per diem nurses since they can get more pay. Plus they have the chance to cross-train to other specializations which can be helpful in advancing their careers. 

Best way to Keep your License Active 

As a per diem nurse your license will be active even if you will be having some vacation time or break. Just make sure to keep your licenses updated as well as your state licenses. You can do other jobs and still keep your license active despite the fact that you are not working as a nurse for quite some time. 

Hope this ultimate guide to the per diem nurse job can help you know what to ex[ect once you become a per diem nurse. The benefits you can get from working as a per diem nurse can give you the freedom to practice your career while pursuing other things that you are interested in and you can take care of your family without having to work on a full schedule and still earn money to support your finances. So grab that opportunity to work as a per diem nurse and grow your profession without committing 100% of your time.