May 30, 2024


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What are Spider and Varicose Veins

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Varicose and Spider veins are two common conditions that occur within the body usually on the legs although in the case of spider veins can appear on the face as well. These are normally caused by a break down of veins in the body. Although neither condition is serious in some cases there could be symptoms to contend with and both can cause an individual to be subconscious about their appearance.

The way to identify varicose and spider veins

Varicose veins are basically large swelled up blood vessels that tend to appear as a discoloration on the skin surface. Whereas spider veins are quite smaller and have the look of a red or purple spider coming through the skin, hence the name. 

Symptoms and causes of varicose and spider veins

These types of veins are both commonly found in women more so than men. This no doubt has to do with the fact that some common factors that cause varicose and spider veins fall into the category of a woman’s reproductive health, some of the causes of these veins are; pregnancy, obesity, blood clot issues, menopause, and abdominal problems. Another cause is someone occupation which has them standing for a good portion of their day.

Although varicose veins can be painless some symptoms have included, aching, cramping, burning or tingling sensation in the legs. Sometimes the condition can lead to inflammation in the legs as well. As for spider veins, these are usually painless, but not very attractive to look at, especially when they appear on the face.

Treatments for varicose and spider veins

When it comes to treatments for the vein disorders there are several different options that are out there. So for those wanting varicose or spider vein treatment riverside ca it is important to understand the various types of treatments available. These treatments although evasive are done outpatient and usually only take a local anesthetic to perform.

Sclerotherapy: The oldest of the evasive therapies, this one injects saline and a type of safely concocted bleach to lighten up the veins. Over the course of treatment, the veins start to become less visible.

Endovenous laser treatment: With this procedure, a small laser is inserted into the vein, which sends tiny pulses into it. This causes the veins to start to collapse. 

Radiofrequency occlusion: Here a small catheter is inserted that delivers a heat therapy directly into the vein causing it to diminish. 

Coverage for treatment

A thing to keep in mind though, when it comes to health insurance, usually a treatment for varicose veins is covered if these are causing a patient pain. However, in the case of cosmetic treatment, usually, health insurance won’t pick up to cost so all treatments for spider veins won’t be covered. So, having ana evasive cosmetic procedure done for either of these vein disorder could have large out of pocket cost. Sometimes the best course of action is to look for cheaper alternative treatments such as wearing a support hose or changing your life to a healthier lifestyle.