July 21, 2024


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What are the Benefits and Risks Involved in Knee Replacement Surgery?

Partial Knee Replacement - Procedure, Benefits, Risks and Post Care

Knee replacement surgery is the best way to get rid of pain in the knees due to diseases like arthritis. Due to this, the patient is unable to move from one place to another because of pain and discomfort. In this, the damaged and diseased knee is replaced with the artificial one. In most cases, you can also opt for Oklahoma City same day discharge depending on your medical condition. However, it is a wise decision to discuss with your doctor the benefits of risks involved with the surgery.

Why is knee replacement surgery beneficial?

There are a number of reasons why you should opt for knee replacement. Some of them are mentioned below:

Relief from pain and discomfort

The patient will get rid of the damaged knee and hence, pain and discomfort at the same time. Most patients have reported that they feel much better after the surgery than ever before. It feels like nothing has happened to them ever. 

Improved mobility and function 

After the surgery, the patient feels much more comfortable while moving from one place to another. Apart from this, it has been observed that the functions of the legs and knees are improved to a great extent. They can even walk, climb stairs and cycle better than before the surgery. They are happy leading an independent life. Besides that, they can start to exercise more efficiently than ever before.

Fewer medications

Taking painkillers and other medicines come along with several side effects. By getting the knee replaced, the patient does not need to take these medicines. This way, his overall health gets affected for the betterment. 

Risks involved in knee replacement surgery

Before making up your mind to undergo knee replacement, you must become familiar with its potential risks:

The extent of the infection

As per the reports, the success rate of knee replacement surgery is higher and it does not come with any risks. However, if the infections are more than expected, the surgeon has to perform it with care and attention. 

Report any abnormality

There are fewer chances of developing any abnormality after the surgery because surgeons always perform a pre-operative assessment. If you experience pain and discomfort after the surgery, you must report to the surgeon immediately to avoid any infections. 

Knee replacement surgery can change your life for good. It is suggested to find a reputed and qualified surgeon so that you don’t have any bad experience with it.