June 18, 2024


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10 Starbucks Drinks That Won’t Break Your Keto Diet · Seasonal Cravings

keto starbucks drinks

Are you doing the Keto diet but don’t want to give up Starbucks? You’ve got company. Here are the most popular Keto drinks from Starbucks, according to Reddit.  

keto starbucks drinks

1. A Cold Brew Coffee

“You can do a cold brew if you like the extra caffeine. It would be a Tall cold brew with a splash of heavy whipping cream and two pumps of sugar-free vanilla,” replied one. 

2. Iced Coffee With Sugar-Free Vanilla

“Iced Coffee with sugar-free vanilla and heavy whipping cream is a chef’s kiss. Thank me later,” someone replied. Another added, “Iced coffee has a regular syrup by default. Even if you ask to add sugar-free vanilla syrup, you also need to say unsweetened, or it will have 15g of sugar in it (for a tall).”

A third person added, “The regular iced coffee has sweetener, and you must say No classic, or they will put it. So I say no classic sub-sugar-free vanilla.”

3. Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew

“I think the vanilla sweet cream nitro cold brew is a good choice—only 4g of sugar in a grande,” replied one. “This is what I get, too. But, if I go cold brew instead, I do no syrup, a splash of sweet cream, and it’s the same,” another shared. 

While some argued about the sweet cream having sugar, another informed, “The nitro version only has 4g of carbs and 4g of sugar for a grande according to the nutritional info on the app.”

4. Grande Iced Americano With a Splash of Heavy Cream

One person expressed, “My go-to is a grande iced americano with a splash of heavy cream. Of course, you could add sugar-free vanilla if you’d like it sweetened. Each pump is about one net carb, though!”

5. Keto-Friendly Pink Drink

Another added, “If you want something more fun, you could get a keto-friendly pink drink. It’s an iced passion tango tea substitute with sugar-free vanilla and a splash of heavy cream.” 

“My wife gets the pink drink pretty much every day. The trick is whether they know how much cream to put in. I’ll get it myself. It is good,” a third user shared. 

6.  Venti Chai Tea

“I order a venti Chai tea. Specify the tea bag. Otherwise, they’ll make you a chai latte. Add heavy whipping cream and sugar-free vanilla. The venti gives you two tea bags,” someone replied. 

7. Iced Shaken Espresso

Someone stated, “You’ve got to try an iced shaken espresso, almond milk instead of regular, and add sugar-free vanilla.” Others agreed it is delicious.

8. Venti Americano

Another person answered, “I don’t use any of their sugar-free syrups. It’s processed fake food, and they usually make me feel crummy afterward. The best is a Venti Americano black or with heavy cream.” 

9. Americano With Cinnamon

One user shared, “I usually get an americano with heavy whipping cream and a dash of cinnamon for flavor. There are some great options for you!” 

10. Sugar-Free Vanilla Frappucino With Heavy Cream and No Frap Base

Finally, the expert chimed in, “I’m an Ex-Starbucks barista. Stay away from the sugar-free mocha. It has carbs. Same with the matcha. If you want a blended drink, you can order a sugar-free vanilla frappuccino with heavy cream and no frap base. I like adding cinnamon or the pumpkin spice topping.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of keto-friendly drinks you can order at Starbucks. Did they get it right, or is something significant missing from this list?