April 24, 2024


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4 Ways to Keep Your Food Safe For Delivery to Customers

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In a world where people now order food online, you must adopt better food practices to keep your customers safe. The production systems and delivery of food online should be comprehensive as both cleaning and sanitizing processes should be considered. This helps you maintain better public interaction with your customers who will grow to trust your products more and more.

Getting a food delivery online has been made easy for you as a business owner or a consumer. However, as a business owner, you must sanitize your food through the following steps:

  1. Manage Employee Health: 

If you have workers with symptoms associated with COVID-19, simply instruct them to stay at home and stay under supervision. Through this, you can secure the health of the consumers who rely on your products. 

Additionally, if an employee feels sick at work, it’s safe to send him home and disinfect any place he has touched. You should also teach your employees about safety health practices so that they can keep themselves safe without affecting any other persons.

  1. Enhance Your Employees’ Hygiene: 

You should provide an effective hand hygiene system. This could include washing hands before and after entering a bathroom or when they cough, sneeze or blow their nose. You should provide soap and water for them and let them use alcohol-based sanitisers when they are working on wrapped or exposed foods. 

They should also avoid touching the food when they have direct contact with openings in their body. Aside from this, ensure they wash their hands thoroughly before preparing any meal.

  1. Manage Operations: 

You must abide by the policies of clean, separate, cook, and chill. By this, you must wash, rinse and sanitize surfaces that will have contact with food. You should also disinfect equipment such as counters, grocery cart handles, doorknobs, and others. Aside from these, your food must be cooked under better temperatures which allow for the rapid cooling of food. 

Your customers who visit your physical store or restaurant must also maintain social distance. They must also have access to good water and sanitizing agents. You must discourage customers from bringing pets and you must provide water at strategic places where they are most needed. This will keep everyone safe in the end.

  1. The Food Pick-Up and Delivery: 

If you want to observe safe practices, ensure that you prevent cross-contamination of foods by cleaning hands. Avoid sick workers in the storage of foods. You should increase the number of times high-touch surfaces are cleaned

You should create a pick-up zone for both customers and delivery men to keep the store in order and avoid close contact with each other. Ensure that your customers and delivery men also maintain six-foot distances. 

You can keep your food hot by storing it in the right vehicle. If there are raw foods, you should separate them from eatable food. For maximal safety practice, ensure that all the coolers and sanitized food contamination of any kind are prevented.

With all these safety measures, you can easily manage your business online and offline. You can as well develop better work cultures for your employees and customers.