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BJK University Review (2022)

BJK University Review (2022)

Are you looking for some outstanding strategies which can change your life from nothing to success? Do you want to know, What is the cost of BJK university? Who is Bashar J Katou?

So what are you waiting for? You are at the right place.

Here I will show you all the information about BJK University.

Let’s check with me how much truth and lies lie in BJK University’s big claims.

 Some big claims get thrown around, and according to their claims, They will find a simple-to-follow blueprint to build your Amazon FBA business from zero to success.

It’s a consulting agency #1 Amazon FBA education on a mission to impact 1M lives.

In this full review, I will cover all the pros and cons of BJK University.

So instead of being lost in the cloud let’s start

What is BJK University?

Let me explain everything in apple-pie order.

Bashar J Katou started sharing his own experience on youtube and teaching others about the industry which eventually became the platform BJK University.

It’s a community and course that teaches you how to build an amazon FBA business. It shows you and guides you on how Amazon’s FBA business changes your life. They will provide you with proven strategies, hand -on-help, supportive and quiet community. This university will show you what a successful business looks like.

What is Amazon’s FBA business?

It,s about online retail business from or growing your own existing store.

It’s a platform that will show your small business in front of the whole world.

You can provide your products to customers’ doorsteps all over the world. You just need to connect your business with Amazon. And after that, they will take orders, pick, pack and ship the order with the cashback return policy. And the main thing is they will handle all the stress.

Because in this FBA business Amazon will manage every single important thing like phone stuff, warehouse staff, delivery drivers, sales, etc.

And according to me, it’s a great opportunity for every small business holder to show their innovation. Let me inform you about the FBA fee on Amazon it’s very convenient according to their service. 

About Bashar J. Katou’s relation with BJK University

Bashar J.Katuo is the CEO and the Founder of BJK University. A Youtuber and a guru . He is from Iraq, where his father owned a clothing factory he moves to the US around 2006. He is an entrepreneur who started his first business at 19. But he lost everything band there are two sides to a coin. Not every success is easy .it will take time effort money and risk.

I can see myself going through my difficulties and maybe I can imagine some of you too.

His life changed when he finds about Amazon’s FBA business. He started his youtube journey and create a channel. In 2019 he launched BJK University. He has built several Amazon FBA stores including one store that earns over $40,000 dollars a month.

BJK University Profile

Company Name BJK University
Founder Bashar J. Katou
Started 2019
Joining Cost $3800
Products  Amazon FBA Business Training
Website www.bjkuniversity.com

 Training Module of BJK University Course

  • Mindset.
  • Tools.
  • Proven strategies.
  • Negotiation and supplier management.
  • Purchasing, product development, shipping, refund.
  • Amazon FBA fees.
  • Community, optimizations, descriptions.
  • Finding profitable products.

These are the mantras that will take your business to new heights. You will find solutions to all your problems and guidance on the way forward from the experienced people here. BJK University provides you with the best training about Amazon’s FBA business.

About all the reviews and complaints of BJK University

1. Too expensive

After seeing the name of BJK University circulating on social media for a long time I collected information about it from the net a few days ago.

So I can tell you the correct information about this.

The current cost to join BJK University is $3800.

And it’s quite a high price. 

What if does not work out? because this is not the end. You need money to launch your team in the market.

Then you need money for testing the product and finding out the winning product.

It’s a Hobson choice so u cannot take any action in haste. And if u ask for my opinion then it’s not a good idea to spend too much money at the beginning of your career which is full of risk.

2. Fake reviews

All over the net, you will see various reviews on the net, whether they are real or not, or they are playing games with the future of boys and girls. don’t worry I will show their all true color here

After reading all the reviews and comments I can tell you one thing surely all comments are not true.

There are so many fake comments.

Is the coaching a waste of time?

The coaching they offer is not that profitable I can say but the number of successful businesses and their earnings got me in a tizzy.

It cannot be denied that their community is very strong. And you may find a big industrial business example here.

Otherwise, their guidance is one of the great things in my 5-year experience. 

DO I recommend BJK University?

I don’t dare to throw cold water in your dream.

But in my opinion, it’s not a cakewalk victory. If you have big financial support in your back then give it a try.

Because it’s little, not just little it’s expensive. if just taking a guide is too expensive then you have more way to go. so I can’t recommend everyone but if u have a good financial background or source and u need the best guide and experience to start your own Amazon FBA business then it’s an outstanding choice for you.          

What I like about BJK University

  1.  proven strategies
  2.  community and strong sources
  3.  nothing to everything experience
  4.  guidance and platform Amazon FBA
  5. Example of sales and their sale profit 

All that we need to start to take as a first step towards independent business.

How to get admission to BJK University

Signing up for BJK University is not a simple process. Here are some instructions which you can follow during your registration. In this process, you have to go through Bashar’s sales and funnels. There will be a page where you can access a free case study. Bashar tells you about his story of struggle few success strategies and story. There you can apply by providing your full name, email, address, and phone number then you have to enroll with your phone number. There will be some questions like your target monthly profit, how long have you following Bashar?

Next, you have to write a short essay explaining what sets you apart from other applicants.

Next, there will be more questions before submitting the application.


When can you start?

Do you have any funds or sources to get started? Etc.

According to my opinion, you are not looming large now, so if you are searching for a community and proven strategies for Amazon FBA business then it is a great platform but it surely has some pros and cons. Always remember struggle, failure, and experience matter the most.

Is BJK University legit or a big scam?

According to me and my personal experience, online platforms are definitely an apposite space to earn money. I myself have seen people earn a lot of money with the opportunity of an online platform.

 But if it is said about the current educational system it will prove to be a great controversial topic. It seems nowadays the most successful entrepreneurs are using online platforms to launch a course or program based on their knowledge, experience, and expertise. So there is no reason to doubt their claims and experience but still, there are some high claims which can put you in a dilemma.


  1. What is the cost of BJK university?

    The cost to join BJK University is $3800 which gives you lifetime access.

  2. Where is Bashar J katou from?

    Bashar J. Katou and his family stayed in Iraq.

  3. Where is BJK university located?

    BJK University is an online learning portal.


I hope you got complete information about BJK University Course from this review. By the way, Before buying this Training Program, decide for yourself whether it is really beneficial for you. I am a reviewer, not your personal adviser.

Now, I want to know from you:
Do you want to do Amazon FBA Business full-time or Part-time?

Let me know in the comments section now.

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