July 21, 2024


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Lose Weight Fast : Avoid Maida, Oil, Sweet ~ Nutrition guide | Diet Plan

Lose Weight Fast : Avoid Maida, Oil, Sweet ~ Nutrition guide | Diet Plan

Lose Weight Fast : Avoid Maida, Oil, Sweet

Things made from maida may sound very tasty but they are no doubt harmful to health. Consuming it continuously can lead to many diseases like obesity and diabetes. About which we are going to learn today.

While eating samosas, kachoris, biscuits, bhaturas, don’t even think that both the ingredients and the process used to make them are harmful to health. Eating things made from flour can lead to rapid weight gain, as well as many heart-related diseases. Let’s take a look at this.

For These Reasons Flour Is Harmful To The Body

Blood Sugar

Flour has a very high glycemic index, so when you eat things made from flour, the glucose level in the body rises. Due to this, the pancreas immediately activates and starts releasing insulin in large quantities. So if you have a lot of flour in your diet, stop it. Because this will gradually reduce the production of insulin, as a result you may become diabetic.

Increases Digestion Problems

The things made of flour get stuck in our intestines, due to which the digestive system starts to deteriorate and gradually causes problems like constipation, acidity, stomach ache.

This is because flour is low in fiber and therefore takes a long time to digest. It not only affects digestion but also slows down metabolism. Due to this, obesity starts to increase and many people also suffer from headaches.


Flour is very greasy, so our digestive system cannot digest it properly, thus increasing the chances of acid reflux. Acidic foods directly affect our bones. Loss of calcium from the bones leads to loss of bone density, leading to diseases such as arthritis and inflammation. So instead of eating flour, eat wheat substitutes.