New behavioral health center opening in Skokie

Jefferey Metcalfe

The pandemic has created a mental health crisis. One-and-a-half million more people now report suffering from a mental health condition.

To meet the demand, a new behavioral health center is opening in Skokie. They are trying to make it easier for families to find quality mental health care all in one place.


Skyway Behavioral Health is considered a one-stop shop for Chicago residents. It was the brainchild of a therapist and her colleague who simply could not meet the demand brought on by the pandemic.

They offer services dealing with mood, anxiety and eating disorders with a partial hospitalization program, as well as outpatient treatment for adults 18 years and up.

“We have individual treatment, family therapy and then we have patient management so we have psychiatry, primary care doctor, dieticians and a trauma yoga therapist as well,” said Laura Lange, Skyway Behavioral Health co-founder.

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